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A Piemonte Tasting Without Barolo and Barbaresco

You are probably wondering why you would have a Piemonte tasting without Barolo and Barbaresco?  Well, that is a good question. But there are other wines of distinction besides these two in Piemonte. We were at Moore Brothers one of our favorite wine shops, and at one of their weekend tastings.  They’re located in Industry […]

Colares: A Great Portuguese Wine and Shakespeare

I’m a huge fan of Colares wine from Portugal. Part of it is the story, part of it is the scarcity and part of it are the flavors, aromas, and overall taste of this ancient and unique wine, and it can be both red and white. In 2017 I visited Viúva Gomes in Almoçageme, a […]

Wait…It’s a RED Wine!

Surprises, at least happy surprises when it comes to wine especially, help us enjoy it even more! Such was the case, two days ago when our neighbor gave my wife a bottle of wine to thank her for a kind deed. My wife protested, but relented, perhaps knowing that a self-proclaimed wine buff like me […]